In the coming period, the Academy for Women (AfW), with the support of the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), is implementing the project "Women for Women - Women's Solidarity for Change"

With this project, we want to connect women of different age groups, who are active in various areas of public life, in order to empower them to join and work together on changing malpractice in society. The goal of the project is the political literacy of women, both those who work in political subjects and those who are not members of political subjects, but follow socio-political events, are active in their communities and vote.

Participants in project activities will have the opportunity to take part in lectures on the following topics:

1. Political literacy - what female politicians and voters in B&H need to know about politics
2. Media culture - how female politicians and voters in B&H can use the media
3. Bridges between female politicians and voters – through solidarity towards change

We believe that women share common interests, and therefore in all modules, in addition to education, they will have the opportunity to network, because active networking is essential to building and strengthening solidarity among women, regardless of whether they operate within political subjects or not. Unfortunately, we tend to judge each other, rarely offer support to one another, and do not actively listen to each other, face personal and other people's vices and virtues, or try to strengthen the position of women in the socio-political reality in B&H. To be supportive of each other, we need to become politically literate and develop strategies for working together.