Political literacy of youth in BiH

The Academy for Women offers non formal education on political literacy for youth who are engaged in political organizations (Forums / Committees / Youth Associations) and youth who are not politically engaged (youth in NGOs, CSOs, junior high school students, students, etc.).

The reason why the Academy for Women wants to focus on youth who are politically engaged and those who are not is the fact that they are not equipped with enough knowledge on issues related to politics which is necessary for socio-political activism. In addition, the academy wants to focus on raising political awareness among youth pointing out that political activism refers not only to being a member of a political party but also to joint collaboration and work on changes within the society regardless of political affiliations or non-affiliations.

Political literacy is an important topic due to the fact that there is no formal education provided to youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina on this issue. Moreover, it is essential to properly educate and engage them in politics because they are still one of the most marginalised group of citizens. The main reason for that is insufficient political literacy that limits their capabilities and capacities. Political sphere in region is marked by lack of the practice and experience through which youth would be able to make clear, visible and lasting articulation of policies that are mainly about them and society as a whole.

The Academy for Women has developed four education modules that include topics that are necessary for the younger generation to be adequately involved in socio-political life and processes in B&H, but also to encourage and provide them with skills necessary for speech, critical thinking, participation in sociopolitical processes and decision-making.

The four modules are:
Module 1. - Youth and politics
Module 2. - Youth and gender equality
Module 3. - Youth and media
Moduel 4. - Bridges between local authorities and local activists

Lecturers are experienced professionals equipped with theoretical knowledge, skills for education and transfer of knowledge to others, who will, through their methodological approach, encourage the Academy's participants to learn and discover their own potentials, to become acquainted with the instruments, mechanisms and resources available to them in order to become more aware and responsible citizens, proactive in socio-political life of the country.

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