About us

The Academy for WOMEN

The Academy for WOMEN is an NGO in Bosnia and Herzegovina which has the aim to empower, inform and develop potentials of women and youth in all public spheres. The intention is to gather women but also young people from all spheres of life around the Academy and to promote women's rights and gender equality in the society in a way that women become aware of their potential, role in the society and recognise opportunities for change of the narratives in politics and in the society.

The Academy for WOMEN is open to all stakeholders and represents a platform which is focused on addressing social and political issues with the aim to strengthen the democratic society in BiH.

We practice non-formal education on topics such as human rights, civic participation, gender equality and political and media literacy of either women in politics or those who are interested in entering politics but also young people as such. Through different activities we want to empower our target groups to think critically and take part in socio political developments in BiH. Our activities are aimed at education, mentoring, connecting various stakeholders and public awareness.

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