Aware of the fact that the unemployment rate in Sarajevo Canton is high, especially when it comes to women, whose unemployment rate according to official data is 62.83% in the Canton area, the Academy for Women Foundation has decided to create education programs, who’s aim is to assist women in creating a quality foundation for their long-term economic independence, by enhancing their professional capacities. Therefore, in cooperation with the Employment Service of the Canton of Sarajevo, the Academy for Women, has decided to examine in more detail who the women in the Employment Office's records are for the right, to create a personal profile of those interested in this education program and to help them.

The issue of employment of women and mothers and their (re) entry into the labor market is an important issue, since women often face obstacles to employment, lack of skills to keep up with current labor market needs, the incompetence of current or future employers when it comes to understanding needs of adequately balancing private and business life of woman and opportunities for additional engagements. Therefore, the Academy for Women considers it necessary to provide unemployed women with the opportunity to acquire additional skills that would allow them the flexibility, self-organization and balance of their private and business life. So they can become, economically independent women. 

Through three workshops, the "Academy for Women" will provide the participants with a set of training on the freelance world and the opportunities it provides generally and specifically in specific areas of freelance. Specific areas that will be covered by this type of educational program designed to strengthen the professional capacity of unemployed women will be created after the potential participants complete the application form, through which they will be able to express their own affinities and the level of existing knowledge in the offered fields.

Workshops will be held by experienced experts who possess theoretical and practical knowledge, skills to educate and transfer knowledge to others and through their methodological approach, will encourage participants to discover or strengthen their own freelance potential and provide them with all the necessary tools and mechanisms to start their own business in the freelance domain they are interested in. 

The selected participants of this program will also be acquainted with the possibilities offered by the Employment Service of Sarajevo Canton during the running their own startup business, the participants will be familiar with a complete framework of profitable skills, upgraded knowledge and a quality starting point in the first step towards their own economic independence and a more secure future.

The Academy for Women, with the support of Market Makers, will provide training from January to May 2020. at the Homework HUB, Kolodvorska 12, Sarajevo.

The project is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation-MarketMakers.


The first workshop/training to be conducted by the “Academy for Women” within the project "Economically Independent Woman", supported by Market Makers, is an intensive training on WordPress. The 16 selected candidates who are on the records of the Employment Service of Sarajevo Canton will have the opportunity to master WordPress skills through a four-week intensive training.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the planet. Currently, 35.2% of websites are operating on this platform, with continuous growth since its inception in 2003. The reasons for its popularity are numerous, ease of use with no programming knowledge, the fact that it is free to use, huge number of add-ons to the system itself expanding functionality and opportunities for creative work.

It has become the de facto standard for creating pages within the freelancer community, it is also used by corporations when they need fast and easy websites. Even the US government uses the WordPress platform for some of its sites,

WordPress has its roots in the blogosphere that originated at the beginning of the millennium, before the advent of social networks, when tools like Dreamweaver and Frontpage were the standard for web sites.

WordPress je WYSIWYG  (what you see is what you get) alat, što znači da odmah vidite promjene na ekranu, sa vrlo prijateljskim interfejsom. Često se upoređuje sa Microsoft Wordom kada se želi opisati jednostavnost korištenja.

WordPress is a WYSIWYG (what you see and what you get) tool, which means you immediately see changes on screen, with a very friendly interface. It is often compared to Microsoft Word when it comes to describing ease of use.

The use of the free and open source WordPress platform provides great versatility and feasibility of options that many commercial solutions are simply unable to keep up with. Themes, plugins, widgets are used as Lego cubes when creating web pages, easy to implement, use and eventually remove if we don't like them.

Only a wealth of options, configurations, add-ons can often confuse newcomers to the world of web designing, but this is just a semblance. Even very advanced users often do not even use the 30% of the capabilities that the platform provides when operating.

WordPress is the most popular way to build a website for good reason. If you want to build any kind of website, from blog, portfolio to e-shop, WordPress is a great option. Intensive training on WordPress will consist of a theoretical, practical part and a part that the participants will have to go through by themselves, and through them all will be prepared and led by lecturer/expert Nedim Omerovic.

Nedim Omerović


Currently working as freelancer in Sarajevo, with over 5 years of experience. One of the original BitKamp attendees, he gained experience at Green River Media, Finity Solutions and Mantik, where he worked as a developer, QA tester and designer. He collaborated with the Center for Balkan Strategies and was invited as a guest lecturer at workshops at the University of Arad, Romania.


About the lecture Workshop is designed for students with knowledge of using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. As well as basic knowledge of working within MS Word and using email.

Emphasis is placed on practical work with supervision on workshop parts with work assignments done between classes. With these activities and foreknowledge, trainees would learn to create a website on their own.


The project is intended to provide participants with the knowledge and practical skills needed to independently create a website intended for marketing purposes. With this we hope to encourage creativity, entrepreneurship, economic independence and give insight into the wealth of online work opportunities. Regardless of education and social status, everyone can succeed in earning their own ideas and work.

Training will be held twice a week - Monday and Thursday at the HUB Homework, Kolodvorska 12.

The start of the first session is 02/17/2020.