Alternativna historijska tura kroz sarajevo

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About the project

My name is Jan Đečević and I am a student of the high school Druga gimnazija Sarajevo, grade II, MYP IB programme.
This website is part of my personal project called Alternative history tour through Sarajevo.

My project consists of two parts:

  • Virtualna alternativna historijska tura koja je predstavljena na ovoj web stranici.
  • Prava tura kroz grad Sarajevo koju ću ja voditi.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nihad Kreševljaković who with his unlimited historical knowledge gave a huge contribution to my research. I also want to thank Maja Gasal Vražalica and the "Academy for WOMEN" who allowed me to use the website of the Academy for the virtual tour.

I hope you will enjoy the Alternative history tour through Sarajevo..


My goal of the personal project is to tell the history of Sarajevo from a different perspective than the mainstream history. I intend to make a thorough research on historical events, people and important happening that have marked the history of Sarajevo but that no one is speaking about and that are not marked as historic or cultural sights. I want to combine all historical areas in one story instead of having the different histories throughout the centuries and which have been marked by various regimes. My alternative history tour will combine the entire history of Sarajevo into one story. My events, places and people that I will be talking about in my alternative history tour will reflect historical events, political events but also social aspects of the life of the Sarajevo people.


My personal motivation is that I am in general very much interested I history and that I want to tell the untold stories of time but which are important to be told as they have marked our history and society as well. There are many events and lives that were part of it and those stories are still untold or only known to a smaller group of people. I want to tell those untold stories to a wider public so that people understand the bigger picture of our history of Sarajevo which is a very rich one and which was influenced by various nations and regimes.