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Marijana Klapić


Visible. Engaged. Authentic. is a fantastic program that aims political literacy and empowering female candidates in local elections. I think it is necessary for change to start on our own. With our example and the right activities we can change the situation first in our local community and then the wider community. This kind of work requires continuous education, awareness of our own capacities and resources, a program that gives the participants exactly what they need. Political education and the knowledge they need in their path of development and political engagement. It is a great pleasure for me as a lecturer to contribute and be supportive in this program!

Academy for Women I wish you successful work in the realization of such and future projects and programs!


My name is Marijana Klapić. I live and work in Tuzla. Mother, wife, entrepreneur, lecturer and enthusiast who believes that everyone has all the resources and capacities they need to succeed. This knowledge helped me to recognize my call that took me into the world of personal and professional development and daily work with people. Lifelong learning is my motto, which drives me every day. Knowledge and experience gained from previous work experiences, numerous educations and acquired knowledge I use and model on a daily basis in the training I lead, all with the aim Empowering each individual on their own path. I believe that our greatest capital is our knowledge and that by daily learning we empower ourselves at all levels and areas of our lives!


Effective use of time is a concept that is familiar to everyone. It often happens to us that we have a problem with efficient use of time and there is never enough to do everything we imagined. However, when we look around, everyone else seems to have more time than us to do what wanted. 

The Time management workshop helps us develop our interpersonal skills and recognize our greatest waste of time. 

We learn how to better organize ourselves and understand that time management is really, self-management!