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Hana Tiro


I have been involved in digital communications and social networks for 7 years. Given that I'm 25 at the moment, I can say that high school rebellion has broken through my digital career. Both my BA in English language and literature and my current MA Comparative Literature are to blame for my solid digital communication skills. Some of the most beautiful projects I have had the opportunity to participate in have focused on women's rights, free speech on the Internet, children's rights (UNICEF), as well as inclusive projects that are a blend of advanced technology and medicine.



The circulation of energy, as such, is the essence of existence. Energy is not something invented, it is there, we are made of it. Through technological development, energy has been able to find its focus on different segments of our lives. One of the segments is the internet itself, and its daily use is growing at an incredible rate. Awareness of online reality and communication is the way to a quality and successful internet campaign.



I think the project is a great way to raise awareness of the media and communications, but also of all the strangers that the 21st century can take us to. A great opportunity to educate and network all those interested in navigating the digital world. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to exchange valuable gold experiences and tips.