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Ehlimana Spahić


Ehlimana Spahić was born in 1985 in Sarajevo, where she finished elementary and high school. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Sarajevo in 2008 at the Department of Political Science. She has a Master's Degree in Joint Undergraduate Studies from the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo in 2011. She successfully defended her PhD in 2016 from the Faculty of Political Science. During her studies she was a demonstrator (from academic 2005/2006 to academic 2008/2009). Since September 2009 she has been working as an assistant and since 2012 she has been working as a senior assistant at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo. In May 2016, she was elected Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science. She is engaged in subjects: Political Economy, International Political Economy, Contemporary Political Science, Development Studies, and Economic Diplomacy.



Within the framework of the interactive lecture "Local Self-Government" / "Local Topics" we will discuss the development of local self-government in Bosnia and Herzegovina with special reference to the constitutional, legal and statutory competences of local self-government units. After being reminded of the responsibilities of the local self-government units, we will analyze the socio-economic development of the selected local self-government units, since elaboration of these analyzes can serve as inspiration for the preparation of the election campaign of the participants.



The project is of great importance for the political empowerment of women in our society. Since representatives of different political parties participate in the project, their connection and exchange of ideas is enabled, which ultimately contributes to the pluralism of political ideas and views.