Alen Kristić-Center for Peace Education

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Theologian, writer and translator. For the past two decades, he has participated in the design and implementation of projects in the field of dialogue of religions, world ethos, human rights, forgiveness, reconciliation and peace education. The focuses of his work are the relationship between religion and politics, the peacemaking potential of religions, world ethos, dialogue of religions, political theology, the configuration of religion on the ruins of socialism, the position and role of women in politics and religion, liberation theology, queer theology, postmodern philosophy as a challenge to a Christian thought and practice, the relationship between religion and art. So far, he has published: "Religion and Power" (2009), "Peace Builders - Socio-Political Engagement of Nobel Peace Prize Winners" (2012), "Religious Tyranny - Essays on Religious Atheism" (2014), “Exiled to Oblivion - Fragments on the Positive Potential of the Religious” (2015), “Gravity” (2017) and “Agony: Theo-poetics of the Physical-Political” (2018).

About the lecture

During the lecture, participants will be given the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the concept and importance of detecting specific examples of hate speech in their context and globally. This will be followed by their analysis of patterns, political motivations, selection of ‘victims’, and the consequences that hate speech leaves.

About the project

Such projects are helpful in devising concrete strategies to counter hate speech in the local context and prevent its devastating consequences.

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