Zoran Ćatić

The Academy for WOMEN


He is currently working within the "Association for Cultural and Media Decontamination". He used to work also for ISV Radio, Sarajevo 202 and eFM radio and wrote for print media such as Vecernje novine, Fan, Alčak, Slobodna Bosna, Magazin Start BiH ... In addition to radio, he also worked on television as an editor for children and youth. He works as an associate for UNICEF and is one of the authors of UNICEF's publication, Media for the best interest of the child. He also contributor to the magazine for just education Skolegium. In addition to that he organizes workshops for different organizations and needs on the subject, media pedagogy, media literacy and media practices, for all young people, as well as educators and civil society actors. In his spare time, he records one-minute, short and documentary films.

About the lecture

In interaction with the participants we will try to elaborate that our personal profiles on different social networks become a medium for ourselves. Special focus will be on the content we are publishing as well as the possibilities of "producing" socially responsible media content on a number of topics, including topics such as advocating for Euro-Atlantic integration and the accession process.

About the project

When it comes to critical social thinking, political and media literacy, there is no practical work in any field within formal education, so such forms of work with young people are necessary.

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