And this is discrimination too.

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Usljed pandemije COVID-19 planirane projektne aktivnosti u smislu okupljanja i rada u fokus grupama su zaustavljene do trajanja mjera Kriznog štaba. Fondaija “Akademija za žene” Vam u narednom epriodu donosi niz intervjua koje smo obavile sa radnicama u oblasti trgovine diljem Bosne i Hercegovine.

The Academy for Women, with the financial support of the European Union and co-financed by the Swedish for International Development Cooperation (Sida), is moving towards the realization of the project "And This Is Discrimination Too".

According to the 2013 BiH Census, women make up the majority of the BiH population with 50.9%, and, according to the latest research, women are underrepresented in almost all spheres of society, except the judiciary, education, and trade and services sectors. Although the number of women in these sectors is much higher than the number of men, the percentage of women in managerial positions and in management structures is insignificant.

Of particular concern is the sector of trade and services, where women are treated as cheap labor and as a workforce that has only obligations but not rights. Women in the trade and service sectors are most often employed in low-paid positions and in positions where they encounter various forms of discrimination. A key problem is the lack of information among these women about their labor rights as well as mechanisms for protecting their rights. According to the report on Gender Based Discrimination in the Field of Labor in Bosnia and Herzegovina , awareness of discrimination is extremely low and applies to both employees and employers. The report stated that gender-based discrimination is widespread, and most people who are discriminated against do not even know that they have been discriminated against on any basis.

With the project “And This Is Discrimination Too” we want to raise awareness of what is gender based discrimination, that gender based discrimination can be on different grounds such as age, discrimination against persons with different abilities, discrimination against LGBTIQ + persons, discrimination on ethnic, political, religious background, and that there are various forms of gender-based discrimination: employment discrimination, promotion discrimination, contracts and salaries, working conditions, pregnancy and maternity leave, paternity leave, sexual harassment at work, etc.

Also, with this project we want to encourage women who work in shops, to actively participate in project activities and to contribute to the advancement of women's labor rights.

In this regard, the Academy for Women plans to hold focus groups with women employed in shops in the city of Sarajevo. The focus groups will be held in a friendly atmosphere with a maximum of 10 women per group employed in the shops without stating the identities of the participants and publicly maintaining them. Only women who apply to participate in the focus group will be informed through personal contacts.

Ko se može prijaviti za fokus grupu?

  • Women employed in shops in Sarajevo
  • Have experienced or are still experiencing some form of discrimination
  • Have experienced or are still experiencing violations of women's labor rights
  • They want to know more about the notion of discrimination in the workplace or violation of labor rights
  • They want to know more about gender based discrimination
  • They want to find out about mechanisms to protect their labor rights
  • They want to contribute to changing working conditions for women employed in shops

Kako se prijaviti za učestvovanje u fokus grupi?

Send your basic information (name and surname, telephone number, email, name of the shop where you are employed) to mail: with the indication "And This Is Discrimination too" or call us at 033 524 382 and leave us your information.

All applicants will be informed in a timely manner of the location and schedule of the focus group.

The “And This Is Discrimination Too” project is not only intended for women who work in stores and who are increasingly exposed to gender discrimination and violations of women's labor rights, but is also a call for solidarity for all women in the fight for women's labor rights and combating discrimination.

The Academy for Women will soon release information about opportunities to participate in a part of the project that we who are not employed in the trade sector can contribute and express our solidarity with women employed in stores, so follow us on our website or on social media @Academy for Women.

Projakat „And this is discrimination too.“ finansira Europska unije i sufinansira Švedska agencija za međunarodni razvoj i saradnju.

We look forward to fighting together.

Your Academy for Women.

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