Nedžma Džananović Miraščija

The Academy for WOMEN


I was born in Sarajevo where I also, live and work. I am a former diplomat, and now an associate professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo. I am the author of three books and a number of scientific and professional texts, mainly in the field of foreign policy analysis and EU integration.

About the lecture

The European Union is a topic on which "everyone knows everything" in Bosnia and Herzegovina - but most often are mistaken. The aim of this module is not to turn Eurosceptic into unquestioning Euro-optimist, but to clarify the basic concepts, reasons and ways of functioning of the EU and its policies, so that our understanding is complete and expectations from the EU are realistic. Moreover, I believe that together we will come to understand why (there is) no alternative to EU membership for B&H and why it is (not) just a matter of political decision, but that it requires serious and long-term engagement of all potentials of a society.

About the project

The Academy for Women, with its goals and activists, connects two areas that are extremely important to me personally and in which I am always ready to invest my time - the fight for gender equality and education. It is my pleasure that through our cooperation I can contribute to being a part of this story.

VIDEO sa predavanja predavanja u okviru modula EU sistem