Vidljiva, angažirana i autentična

Women candidates in local elections

The Academy for Women, with the support of the French Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is implementing a project for women candidates in the upcoming local elections under the slogan "Visible, Engaged and Authentic".

In order for the program to be tailored to your needs, we have created an online questionnaire with clearly conceptualized questions to help us extract topics that will be the subject of a one-day workshop. In addition to the online questionnaire, the Academy of Women also conducted several focus groups with women who work within political parties to find out in an open conversation whether women will even run in the next local elections, whether to leave the position on the list to party leadership or will fight for their positioning in accordance with their competencies and support in the base, both party and extracurricular, whether they have a vision of their campaign, what topics they will present to their community before the election, whether they use social networks sufficiently as a medium through which potential voters and voters can reach now.

On this basis, the Academy for Women created a one-day workshop program.

Topics and Lecturers

  1. Candidate lists and lobbying in the local community - Maja Gasal-Vražalica
  2. Local self-government and local topics - doc.dr. Ehlimana Spahić
  3. Public appearance in front of TV cameras - Alma Dautbegović -Voloder
  4. Social Networking Energy - Hana Tiro
  5. Time Management - Marijana Klapić​

Seating is limited.
The selection is made by the Academy for Women, respecting the principle of equal participation of the members of all parties who apply, and women who will be independent candidates in the next local elections (without party affiliation) may participate. The one-day workshop is only for residents of Sarajevo Canton this time. samo za osobe sa prebivalištem u Kantonu Sarajevo.

To participate in this program, you must:
- Complete the questionnaire you can find at the LINK.
Registration is open until 5 PM on Wednesday.

Foundation "Academy for Women"

„RAIFFEISEN BANK“ D.D. Sarajevo, Broj žiro računa: 1610000212280049, ID: 4202602460009

Address: Trg heroja 41, Phone: ( 00 ) 387 61 531 144
The list of participants will be published on Friday, 20.12.2019 in the morning.

Travel costs are not covered.

Refreshments and meals provided.

We look forward to receiving your applications.

Your "Academy for Women".