The Academy for Women Foundation, with the support of the Austrian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is establishing an e-Counseling Center with psychotherapy, which will offer free professional assistance to women victims of violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the beginning of May.

Many countries around the world have been faced with great challenges due to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of them is certainly the provision of assistance and support to victims of violence. Many more developed countries in Europe are already experienced an increase in cases of violence against women and domestic violence.

According to official statistics, as many as 52.8% of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina have experienced a form of violence by the age of fifteen. Due to limited freedom of movement and self- isolation measures, many women are exposed to violence, and for most of them, their own home is not a safe place. In this difficult period, talking about our personal problems, as well as the professional advice of an objective and compassionate interlocutor can be very helpful. Interviews within the e-Counseling Center of the "Academy for Women" will - due to the conditions of limited freedom and (self) isolation - be conducted via video call.

The counseling will be conducted by trained psychotherapists in individual sessions in accordance with the standards set by the European Association for Psychotherapy and the principles of data confidentiality and client well-being, and the content of treatment arising from the Code of Ethics.

We are aware of the fact that the first step is the hardest one, however, we encourage and invite you to take that step and sign up. 

All you need to do is fill out this Application Form here, after which you will be contacted by our psychotherapists with whom you will arrange dates for individual treatments.

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We are here for you and only you.

Medina Muhamedagić, MA psychologist, family system counselor and family system psychotherapist in education.

Medina conducts counseling and psychotherapy treatments with individuals, couples and families. During her rich professional career, Medina has worked with people with anxiety, panic attacks, depression as well as people facing current life challenges, and women with experience of gender-based violence; with couples facing marital difficulties, as well as with children with disabilities and families with members with disabilities, as well as adolescents on building self-confidence. She bases counseling and psychotherapy work on the foundations of family systemic psychotherapy. She is engaged in psychoeducational, counseling and psychotherapy work in the association USPIT as well as the Association for psychotherapy, education, psychodiagnostics and anti-stress therapy PEPA.