Summary: Module 7, Radicalism, anti-fascism, nationalism, Academy of Political Literacy of Youth in B&H

The Academy for Women has, from September 25th to 27th, 2020 and with the support of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany implemented Module 7 that tackled the topics related to radicalism, anti-fascism and nationalism within the project Academy of Political Literacy of Youth in B&H. Young people who are active in B&H political parties, as well as those who are socially active in their communities, voters of various educational backgrounds and from all parts of our country, were part of a three-day training of Module 7.

On the first day, before the beginning of the theoretical-practical lectures, a panel entitled what are we fighting for and against what- anti-fascism, ethno nationalism and activism - today was organized with the participation of well-known public figures: Kristina Ljevak, journalist and moderator; Larisa Šuša, activist; Ivana Marić, political analyst; Sead Turčalo, professor and Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences, and Dragan Markovina, historian and writer. Participants of the Women for Women program had the opportunity to hear personal stories, historical facts, sociological experiences, analyzes of current political affairs as well as concrete activities that can be undertaken - within the community and wider society - against the negative phenomena of fascism, ethno nationalism and extremism in our country and beyond.

During Saturday and Sunday, numerous practical and theoretical aspects of various types of radicalism, fascism and anti-fascism, ethno nationalism and similar phenomena in society were discussed at the lectures, some of which were particularly interactive. Dalibor Tanić, with knowledge of Master in the field of neuro-linguistic programming, worked with students, through NLP techniques, on self-reflections on radical, nationalist and stereotypical behavior that we consciously or unconsciously are often prone to. Prof. Dr. Sead Turčalo, professor and dean of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo, delivered lectures on violent, but also other types of radicalisms and ethno nationalism, analyzing them through contextualization. Dragan Markovina, historian, publicist and writer, talked to the participants about the historical heritage of anti-fascism, its relevance in the past and today and why it is universal and essential in our and every other society. Alen Kristić, a theologian and writer from the Center for Peace Education, gave practical examples on deconstructing hate speech and finding ways to strengthen the community's resilience to the extremist violence we witness every day.

We would like to remind you that the first generation of participants, who have now completed the 7th module at the second level, has been undergoing training through the Academy of Political Literacy of Youth since May 2019, which consists of 8 modules. Through the first four modules they learned about the social and political system of B&H, after which they moved on to second level consisting of 4 modules in which they studied the EU system, Euro-Atlantic integration, the accession process, fulfilling the necessary reforms on the road to the EU and many other current and important topics.

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