Summary: Module 2, B&H system, Academy of Political Literacy of Youth in B&H

Academy for Women, through the Academy of Political Literacy of Youth in B&H, a project supported by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, has, within module II (Local self-government - Bridges between local authorities and local activists), organized a panel with the idea to present portraits of strong B&H women from political life, in order for young people, who are just entering the political life, as well as all those who are already socially active in their communities, to hear the personal stories of women politicians and learn something from them. The panel was moderated by journalist Nikola Vučić, and was attended by: the Mayor of Visoko Amra Babić, the Mayor of Jezero municipality Snežana Ružičić, the Minister of Health TK Dajana Čolić and Olivera Nedić, a member of the PDP and an activist. Participants of the Academy of Political Literacy of Youth in B&H had the opportunity to hear personal political experiences of these great women both within their local community and in the process of connecting municipalities, cities, individuals from different parts of B&H, in order to address vital issues, build bridges, and provide real care for people and community. During interactive lectures held on July 25th and 26th and led by Alen Kristić, Jasmin Hasić and Maja Gasal Vražalica, the participants had the opportunity to learn and apply skills and theoretical knowledge - to assess their own potential, to get acquainted with the competencies and system of local levels of government, the formation of political entities, the process of preparing elections and creating candidate lists, and ultimately to gain knowledge and techniques on how to create personal and political party campaigns.

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