Adnan Ćerimagić​

The Academy for WOMEN


European Stability Initiative (ESI) analyst, in which he has been monitoring the situation in the Western Balkans countries and their relations with the European Union since 2013. I graduated Law from the University of Graz, Republic of Austria, where, as a researcher, I worked briefly at the Institute for Human Rights and Democracy. I completed my European studies at the Belgium European College in Bruges. I worked as an intern in the Secretariat of the European Parliament and B&H representative in Brussels and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of B&H in Sarajevo. Since the summer of 2017, I have been living and working in Berlin.

About the lecture

Through an open conversation, the participants will get familiar with the negotiation process and the conditions that led to the agreement between Skopje and Athens, and critically review the negative trends in the European Union which resulted in attacks on democracy, rule of law and human rights – fundamental values of the Union. By simulating the meeting of the EU Council during which the candidate status of B&H will be decided, the participants will get acquainted in more detail with the way of decision-making in the EU, but also with the reputation that B&H has in the Union.

About the project

I will quote a part of the correspondence between two women in the Tariq magazine from 1909: "Women must be the first light-bearers, the stars of the forerunner, who create indestructible foundations with their lives."