Freelance can be defined as doing a job for an individual or an institution without having an employment relationship. In fact, these are temporary and occasional jobs that last until a certain job is completed.

The fundamental feature of freelancing is freedom in organizing working hours. A freelancer can get the job done at any time, from any location, as long as he has a stable internet connection and a computer. This, along with a certain level of self-discipline, opens the possibility of complete control of working time, business and private life. On the other hand, it opens up vastly field of job opportunities that would be almost impossible to do in a "classic" work environment.

Flexible working hours require a high level of self-control and responsibility in the organization of work, especially since freelancer jobs, because of the need for financial stability, often involve multiple jobs for multiple clients at a time, and all clients are actually bosses to that freelance employee and require the execution of a job or task in exactly defined deadlines.

In order to ensure continuity on the freelance market and a stable source of income, freelancers need to constantly work on themselves, research, study in order to have the highest level of knowledge and skills in their CV so they would be able to adapt to each individual client as adequately as possible, which is another benefit of acting as a freelance over products and services already offered which are often generic.

In Western countries, freelance has been flourishing for a long time, and Bosnia and Herzegovina has seen a dramatic increase in the last few years, as freelance has been recognized as an outstanding way for individuals to professionally build and independently pave the way for their own economic independence. One of the countries with the fastest growing number of freelancers is Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to the world-famous Forbes magazine. The freelancer market, according to Forbes, is present in 180 of the 196 countries in the world today.

The two most famous freelance recruitment platforms ODesk and Elance today work together under the name Elance-oDesk and on that platform alone the freelancers are making a whopping $ 900 million per year.

With the huge numbers, and good wages, freelance market can be a solution for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has the highest unemployment rate among the Western Balkan countries. This is supported by employers claim that this type of employee engagement will be in fact a modus operandi in the future and that an increasing number of individuals will be hired in this way compared to the traditional one. This is somewhat expected as technological advances are expected. Forbes magazine predicts that the number of freelancers in 2020 will exceed the number of "traditional" workers.

Individuals who do not keep up with the opportunities offered by online activity will be denied for an opportunity in a large number of active jobs. The most wanted and paid skills on freelance platforms such as web programming, graphic design and online marketing, along with an adequate learning concept, quality work and mentoring can be mastered relatively quickly. Quality delivered service or completed task in the freelance market means a good recommendation and better paid jobs and projects in the future. On the other hand, by respecting the term of payment of fees and the correct attitude during the cooperation, employers directly influence their own rating, and the possibility for freelancers to establish cooperation with them in the future.

Given the predictions that go toward the dominance of freelance work over classic jobs, what remains as a recommendation is that the state, as a measure of combating unemployment and undeclared work, consider giving all freelancers the same benefits as classic employment. This would mean health insurance, pensions, sick leave, credit, etc.

For the opportunity to make money in the freelance market it’s not required from you to have certain faith, nation, connection, name, etc. the only things that are required are effort, engagement and knowledge. That is why every form of education that leads to freelance action is an self- investment in the future, based only on own strengths, knowledge, capabilities and capacities.