The Academy for Women, with the support of the French Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has implemented a project for women candidates in the upcoming local elections entitled “Visible, Engaged, Authentic. "

The Academy for Women selected from the 35 candidates for training 25 women from all municipalities of Sarajevo Canton, with different political profile and experience. The training was held on Saturday 21. 12. 2019. in HUB Homework and started at 09. 00 am, attended by 18 participants.

The training was opened by the Director of the Academy for Women, Ms Maja Gasal - Vražalica and Mr Sylvain Rigollet in front of the French Embassy who emphasized the importance of the participation of more women in the political life of Bosnia and Herzegovina, their candidacy in the upcoming Local Elections and the adequate representation of knowledge and the skills they possess that can make a huge contribution to social progress.

The lecture entitled “Candidate Lists and Lobbying in the Local Community” Ms. Maja Gasal – Vražalica brought to the attention of the participants that in addition to the desire to be a candidate, they must be aware of their rights and obligations during the candidate process, ways to adequately present themselves to potential voters, competencies by each level in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in particular referred to the importance of the Gender Equality Law and the Election Law.

During her session, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Political Science Ehlimana Spahić introduced the principles of functioning of local self-government, competencies at the level where most of the needs of citizens are met and how to reach potential voters by recognizing the needs and problems that exist in the local community.

Hana Tiro gave the participants an answer on how the most popular social networks work, how to adequately present themselves on the networks and how to track the online campaign performance indicators.

Famous, long-time journalist Alma Dautbegović - Voloder prepared the participants for a public appearance through improvised television appearances. Each of the participants presented an initiative that she had designed in a maximum of three minutes, after which they received suggestions which segments could be improved during future public appearances.

Marijana Klapić, in her last training session, spoke about time management and how women can reconcile the many responsibilities and roles they have in modern society with another candidate role which comes with the local elections. She shared with the participants personal experiences in balancing business and private life.

The feedback from the participants shows that this was a training session that helped them both theoretically and practically in defining the goals and priorities of the campaign ahead of them.