Book promotion by Ph.D. Aneta Sandić, Specialist in Psychiatry Psychoanalytic and Psychotherapist "INTRODUCTION TO FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY"

On the occasion of the campaign "16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence", the Academy for Women, in cooperation with Homework HUB Sarajevo , is organizing a book promotion
“Introduction to Forensic Psychology” by Ph.D. Anete Sandić, psychiatry specialist psychoanalytic and psychotherapist.

Besides the author with us will be:
Ph.D. Enedina Hasanbegović-Anić and
- Minister of the Interior Affairs of Canton Sarajevo Admir Katica

You are all invited.

Date: 09.12.2019.
Time: 8pm
Location: Homework HUB, Kolodvorska 12, Sarajevo

In this book the author expertly, accurately presents the concept, signs, the clinical picture “Abused Woman Syndrome” addresses the issues of domestic violence, factors directly related to the manifestation of the same, and the levels of severity of physical harm. Therefore, in this manuscript A. Sandić also deals with the risk factors of lethal, fatal outcome, as well as the consequences of domestic violence on children. She also presents a forensic instrument designed for the professional assessment of domestic violence risks.
The Academy for Women and Homework HUB have decided to mark the campaign "16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence" by opening up the topic of recognizing violence with the profession and relevant participants in social and political life, so that we as a community cease to close our eyes and take responsibility, and to advocate a zero tolerance against violence.

Ph.D. Aneta Sandić will explain to us the instruments that assess the risk of bullying. They will also show us how to identify a victim of domestic violence by identifying certain psychological characteristics - clinical images. Of course, it will approach the audience and how to adequately treat victims of violence, and it will also show us how we, as indirect participants, can help victims of domestic violence.
Ph.D. Enedina Hasanbegović - Anić, Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo, Department of Psychology, will give an expert review of this manuscript, as well as the importance that Bosnia and Herzegovina has a published book entitled "Introduction to Forensic Psychology" with clearly presented clinical images of victims , as well as instruments designed to assess the various phenomena of importance in forensic psychology for all those involved in forensic practice, as well as a comprehensive index of terms that indicates the content of the content of this book, certainly within the scope of forensic psychology. Professor Hasanbegović - Anić will also briefly explain the segment of the book in which the author deals with the rehabilitation of certain types of abusers, especially the control of aggression.

Ph.D. Enedina Hasanbegović-Anić will also point out the importance of this manuscript for the education of psychology students, since this textbook has not been published to this day in our country or in countries in the region. For these reasons, the book in question will certainly benefit students, lecturers, and of course professionals who engage in the broad and extremely delicate domain of forensic practice, as forensic psychology is, in the broadest sense, all psychology used for judicial purposes. Of course, Professor Hasanbegović - Anić will also present a personal brief review of whether and how the "Introduction to Forensic Psychology" by Ph.D. A. Sandić intended exclusively for the profession.

Admir Katica, Minister of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo, supported our campaign and in conversation with the Minister we will touch on the topics of violence against women and black statistics in Canton Sarajevo when talking about the aviation outcome, murders of women by intimate partners/acquaintances. In the current year, 2019, four murders of women were recorded and the victim and the perpetrator knew each other, and this is undoubtedly a relational crime.