From 25th to 27 th October was held the third module of Youth Political Literacy in BiH, entitled "Youth and the Medias". The Academy for Women implements this project from May to December 2019 with the support of the Federal Government of Germany.

During this module, besides great lecturers, the participants had the opportunity to be addressed by Swiss Ambassador in BiH HE. Andrea Rauber Saxer and discuss with her some of the similarities and differences between Switzerland and BiH.

We must underline that the perticipants of the Academy for Women are young persons, part of them are active in political parties, the other part is active in civil society organizations, while the third part is aware of the need for social and political activism, but has not yet ventured into active action. Participants come from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and by their interaction and socialization all party, ethnic, national, gender, gender, age, religious and all other barriers are broken.

As this was the third meeting of our participants, the group dynamics, interaction and friendship that developed between them was evident. According to the lecturers, they are characterized as an active group of young people who are ready to think critically, to make question, to analyze things and to act.

The first lecturer who also opened the third module "Youth and the Medias" was the well known Zoran Zoka Ćatić with the lecture "MP3 - Media Literacy, Psychology and Practice", which showed us how activism can be achieved through the media and that the media can be and is a powerful tool of activism.

The next lecture was "Media - the fourth pillar of the state?!" held by Milan Trivić about the importance and influence that media have in everyday life without being aware of it and he shared some of his many years experience and work with our participants.

Rest of the day was followed by a workshop/lecture by Marina Riđić - Digital Audience/Effective Communication and Digital Content. In addition to the knowledge, the participants had the opportunity to adopt practical examples of how to achieve their goal through communication.

The last day of the third module was scheduled for Alma Dautbegović - Voloder and a simulation of her Morning Program New Day at N1 Television. “How to act in the studio, how during the show, whether to explore the topic being discussed or to improvise, what questions to ask when a journalist invites you to a guest show?”… we learned about these and similar questions through a practical example. Knowledge that will certainly benefit our participants during their future political, social or activist engagement.

The evaluations of our students gives us confirmation that we are on the right track and that new generations need interaction no matter where they live, what they are called, and whether they have opted for social political or party activism.

A brief overview of how our third module of Youth Political Literacy in BiH "Youth and the Medias" went through is also available at:


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