From 22th to 24th of November 2019. the fourth Regional Youth Leadership Forum (RYLF) will be held in Novi Sad. We are extremely honored that the Academy for Women has been selected to delegate participants to this very important event. As the Academy for Women has been implementing the project "Youth Political Literacy in BiH" since May 2019, supported by the Federal Government of Germany , three representatives of this project have been delegated to participate in the Forum on behalf of the Women's Academy.

The Regional Youth Leadership Forum (RYLF) is an annual conference that brings together around 200 young leaders and socially active people from the WB6 region who will be engaged in discussions with current policy makers and regional leaders on prominent topics and challenges. Over the years, RYLF has gradually but steadily grown into a meeting place for young and courageous, ambitious and relentless individuals who speak a language of reconciliation and goodwill.

The Regional Youth Leadership Forum is organized to encourage young people, free from the burdens of the past, to establish dialogue, a climate of reconciliation, to seek compromise, all with the aim of maintaining peace in the WB6 region.

Countless thought-provoking ideas have been discussed throughout past issues of RYLF, however the main objective remained clear - to bring together inspiring, ambitious individuals from different fields of work and study, and offer them an environment for discussion, networking and collaboration.

The Academy for Women is grateful for the invitation and the opportunity for our participants to contribute to the whole event.

Because we believe in the youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Your Academy for Women.

My name is Ajna Katica. I was born in Zenica, but I'm living in Sarajevo for 14 years. I graduated from the „Prva bošnjačka gimnazija“ - Cambridge International Center, and currently attending the International University of Sarajevo, where I am studying Psychology. I am active in human rights and like to participate in many EYP and MUN conferences and I am a participant in "Youth Political Literacy in BiH" implemented by the Academy for Women.

My name is Bojana Naimarević. I come from Zenica. By profession a lawyer. I have many years of experience in the non-governmental sector. I have dealt with issues of youth activism, peacebuilding, women's rights. Trainer for nonviolent communication and peaceful conflict resolution as well as gender, sexuality, and women's rights issues. Named Volunteer of the Year in Zenica. Participant in “Youth Political Literacy in BiH” implemented by the Academy for Women.

Moje ime je Ferid Omić. Rođen sam 10. marta 2001. godine. Dolazim iz Zavidovića. Pohađam četvrti razred Richmond Park International School Zenica. Član sam ASuBiH lokalnog tima Zenica. U slobodno vrijeme volim čitati i gledati serije. Školovanje planiram nastaviti na nekom elektrotehničkom fakultetu s time da se planiram još više društveno angažirati, a trenutno sam učesnik „Političke pismenosti mladih u BiH“ koju implementira Akademije za žene.