As part of its activities to strengthen the role of women and young people in socio-political developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to empower women and young people in all spheres of society, to encourage active participation in decision-making processes, the Academy for Women Foundation pays special attention to activities aimed at strengthening the role of women and youth in political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Posvećene ideologiji ravnopravnog i društva jednakih mogućnosti smatramo da se bez demokratizacije političkih subjekata ne može doći do veće zastupljenosti žena i mladih na mjestima odlučivanja, pa samim time ni u zakonodavnim i izvršnim organima vlasti u Bosni i Hercegovini.

Dedicated to the ideology of equality and equal opportunity society, we believe that without the democratization of political parties, there can be no greater representation of women and young people in decision-making places and thus in the legislative and executive authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Academy for Women Foundation has initiated the process of signing an Agreement on Cooperation with political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through the Cooperation Agreement, the Academy for Women offers members of a political parties training and participation in project activities. The Cooperation Agreement also establishes a process of continuing non-formal membership education under the auspices of the Academy for Women and its partner organizations. This form of cooperation between the Academy of Women and a political parties facilitates the flow of information on open and planned project activities that membership can be involved in, and establishes a dialogue with the membership about the need for additional education, which ultimately leads to a more responsible approach and a more serious understanding socio-political processes by the membership of a political parties, but also until the creation of more responsible representatives of citizens at decision-making points.

Academy for Women signed a Cooperation Agreement with Mirsad Hadžikadić – Platforma za progres and Nezavisni blok.

We are immensely grateful to the Presidents of political parties, Mr. Hadžikadić (Platforma za progres) and Mr. Senad Šepić (Nezavisni blok) for their trust, willingness to cooperate and the desire to introduce a new practices of continuing non-formal education to members who are future representatives in the political parties they lead in the legislative and executive authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.